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What does NUUF have to offer young adults ? 

As young adults at NUUF, we are very happy to have found this community. It provides us with a time of quiet reflection in our hectic lives ; it gives us space to explore what meaningful adulthood is and what kind of people we want to become. We like the multi-generational, lively conversations and debates, the beautiful rituals and the feeling of warmth.

After services, we usually go for drinks to remake the world, talk about philosophy, religion, art, science, nerdy things (Star Trek is guaranteed to come up at least once) and our projects for the future over a nice glass of whisky or cider. It's very easy to get more involved, for whoever wants to, even newer members, and has the drive and creativity. We've found the group to be very open to new ideas, respectful and very low on hierarchical dynamics - it basically belongs to the passionate. Our board this year is mostly composed of young adults, who have done things like restart the newsletter or create an LGBT+ committee. It's a great opportunity to develop your organisational abilities and leadership skills. 

At the same time, Universalist Unitarianism is an old spiritual tradition that has plenty to offer in terms of traditions and tools to help us live our best lives, and make an impact in the world. It's easy to get burned out in the hassle of getting a career, handling your personal life, political activity and online drama. NUUF provides us with moments of mindfulness and regeneration, without the dogmatism associated with a lot of organised religions. It's long-term thinking, a little bit of slow soul food as well as intellectual perspective, moving beyond polarisation and towards nuance. We pride ourselves on our compassion, curiosity and open-mindedness, but we know that being an enlightened citizen of the world is a work in progress, which is why we need our community. 

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