Past Sunday themes 

2014 - 2018​​

These are some of the topics that have been central to previous gatherings. These themes

give you an impression of what NUUF is all about. We are proud to have had speakers from various countries, creeds and backgrounds. NUUF doesn't only tolerate diversity, we embrace it with curiosity and delight. This is how our minds and hearts flourish. 



'Chalica Service : Exploring the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism and their place in our lives' led by the community as a whole with Eva Kortekaas, student minister.


'Remembrance : honoring our Ancestors and exploring their legacies, through myth, storytelling and altar building. A Discussion with the past : no golden age, only human messiness. '  by Claire Fitzpatrick and Ellie Lagarde. 


'Creating Sanctuary : The practice of finding sacred space within and ensuring welcoming space for all' by Rev. Lara Fuchs 


'Also Sprach Zarathustra : In the Beginning. On the influence of Zoroastrianism on later religions and philosophies' by Rev. Derek Suchard 


'Call Me Maybe : Life is a series of connections and disconnections. How do you reconnect when you've fallen out of touch ?" by Rev. Diane Rollert. 



Open Summer Solstice Celebration with the Women's Group 

Service " The Flowers in the Garden : the Many Hearts of Unitarians and Universalists"

by Eva Kortekaas, student minister.

Plus annual New Membership Ceremony


'Beltane : A Celebration of Spring" with Druid Taco Ijzerman 


"Personal Divinity, the Evolution of Ideology : What does it mean to be a co-creator in this world, universe and our reality ?" by Ariel Sirocco 



"Carpe Diem ! A walking meditation on the path of life" by Hjalmar Rosing, student pastor


"Imbolc : the Quickening of the Year" by Claire Fitzpatrick


"Home and the Expat Experience : Migrating through time and space" by Dr. Paul Rasor

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December "The Girl from the Shielding : A Tale from Iceland" by Simon Hodges, Storyteller

November : “Liberal Islam” by Fenna te Berge

October : “ Affirming the Worth and Dignity of Every Person” by Rev. Derek Suchard

September : “Musical Service : Vivaldi in Autumn” by Ian de Jong & Cindy Briggs

August : Summer Ingathering Potluck

June: Mindfulness Trainer/Child Psychologist Kate Berger + Annual Meeting

Summer Solstice / EUT 2017 Mega Retreat

May: Life's Little Death's – Practicing how to Say Goodbye

April: In Celebration of Spring Equinox with Druid Taco Ijzerman

March: NUUF Women's Group – Raise your Voice. Protest in Words & Music with Pam Morton.

February: Dallis ‘Radamaker – Love and the 7th UU Principle

​January: Justin Cooper – Mindfulness Trainer and Therapist


December: Simon Hodges, Storyteller – "When Culhwch met Olwen"​

November: no service

October: Psychologist Henry Marshall and Cynthia Briggs – Living and Leaving

September: Rev. Derek Suchard - Spell Casting for Beginners. Using Word-Deeds to Shape your Future Past.

June: Rev. Mark Morrison Reed: On Meeting Bears in the Woods

May: Druid Taco Ijzerman: The Sacred Marriage

April: Rev. Paul Rasor

March: Rev. Derek Suchard

February: Ministerial Intern Lara Fuchs

January: NUUF Women's Group leads the service



December: Rev. Wies Houweling - Angry Birds

November: Eva Kortekaas  

October: Ministerial Intern: Lara Fuchs Water Communion

September: Rev. Derek Suchard: Amor Fati: Love your Fate!

June: Summer Solstice Service in the Amsterdamsebos with Taco IJzerman.

June: Last regular service of the year. Dallis Radamker will speak on "Oneness."

May: The NUUF Women's Group leads a celebration of spring.

April: The Rev. Derek Suchard celebrates Easter.

March: The Rev. Wies Houweling: "Help! My Inner Light is Burning"

February: The Rev. Steve Dick: "The Importance of Being Wrong in Religion and Spirituality."

January: Musicians Ian de Jong, Albert Manders and Cynthia Briggs bring "The Spirit of Music" to NUUF.



November: Rev. Steve Dick, Executive Director, International Council of Unitarians and Universalists (ICUU) "The Way We See Can Change the way We Believe."

December: Rev. Mark Morrison Reed: "Christmas at 114 S Street"

October: Rev. Wies Houweling "The Liberal's Pilgrimage"

September: Rev. Derek Suchard The theme is hope – keeping a light of hope burning in a world racked by violence and evil.