What to expect at a NUUF Service ? 

Each month, we welcome a different speaker to lead our service. It can be a member of NUUF, a minister or an outside speaker, from a variety of faiths and backgrounds, bringing to us their unique life experiences and knowledge.  Services can be about a particular religion, spiritual question or other topic of interest to religious liberals. The services are in English and we are proud to welcome people from a wide variety of backgrounds. 

Our services generally begin with a Chalice lighting and a sharing of our joys and concerns, in the spirit of mutual support and community. Some services are more intellectually oriented, and some focus more on ritual action and movement. We generally include opportunities for people to participate and discuss, as well as time for meditation and contemplation. Music and singing are also an important part of the service. We enjoy celebrating the cycles of life together, whether it is through seasonal festivals, meditations on the meaning of growth and change, or how to live in the moment, as well as UU specific celebrations like Chalica. 

Our hope is that you come to a service to find a moment of warmth, peace and learning, as well as maybe some tools and insights you can use to lead a happier life and make the world around you a better place. Although we are always welcoming enthusiastic volunteers, you don't have to get involved any further if you don't want to. You don't need to be a member of NUUF or have any preexisting knowledge about Unitarian Universalism to join us. We strive to make newcomers feel comfortable and are always willing to answer any questions you might have. We welcome people of any faith (or none) as long as they are willing to join us with respect and an open mind. 


After the service we have time for socializing with refreshments, and we often go to a restaurant and a bar to reflect on the service, discuss the meaning of life and simply enjoy good company. 

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