In 2022, we are celebrating 40 years of liberal, dogma-free religion

in the Netherlands.

About NUUF

Our services take place every first Sunday of the month and give us time in the middle

of our busy lives, time to reflect and enjoy the peaceful warmth of community. They start

with a sharing of joys and concerns and generally include a sermon, readings, songs

and music, opportunities for people to participate and discuss, as well as time for

contemplation. We enjoy celebrating the cycles of life together, whether it is through

seasonal festivals, meditations on the meaning of growth and change, or how to live in

the moment, as well as UU specific celebrations like Chalica. Topics are varied, from

lectures on liberal Islam to meditation workshops, Druidic rituals, storytelling sessions,

and discussions on peacemaking, cultural appropriation and the spiritual repercussions

of climate change. Beside our monthly services, we also organize a variety of social events.

About Unitarian Universalism


Unitarian Universalism includes people of many beliefs who share the same values of

peace, love and understanding. UUs believe more than one thing, we think for ourselves

and reflect together about important questions, and are unified by the search for religious

growth and a sense of community.

Unitarian Universalists nowadays take inspiration from a variety of beliefs and backgrounds:

Atheist/Agnostic, Humanist, Jewish, Muslim, Pagan, Buddhist, Christian, and more.




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Next Service 


Sunday, June 5, 14:00
Keizersgracht Kerk


It can be seductive to narrowly focus on the many challenges we’ve faced during the last two years. The sometimes hard-won life lessons can empower us with the courage to face the upcoming unknown with a sense of purpose and live in the present with peace. Looking back, even more important are those memories of joyous moments.  

Let’s take some time to look at reflections. Today’s service will shine a light on interconnected ideas touching on physics, our own ever-changing views of our place in the community, and Unitarian Universalism as a fellowship.

Join us as we create a space for sharing wisdom and joy.

** New members to NUUF will be welcomed during the service.

** After a brief break for coffee and tea, we'll have our Annual General Meeting.


We hope to see all of you there! Please send an email to to obtain the log-in information.